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Heelatch Founds Montreal Chapter of Social Media Breakfast

Social Media Breakfast Montreal Logo

As of this writing, we have requested and been granted the right to act as the local organizers of the Social Media Breakfast ( for the great City of Montreal. Our company, Heelatch (now operating as Neteyecon), along with several more »

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He Who Beats Around the Bush


The importance of conveying clear and concise instruction when dealing with clients and partners. I don’t know about you, but time is my most precious commodity. There isn’t enough of it, and once its gone you can’t get it back. more »

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Family Means You

Family Affair pic thanks to

Our good friend Gary Vaynerchuk ( talks about family a lot. How he wouldn’t do what it is he’s doing (consulting, speaking, CARING – check him out, this guy is off the hook) if his number one priority wasn’t his more »

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