Building Your Brand from the Bottom Up

Thus far, Neteyecon (nee Heelatch in 2009) has worked primarily with small and medium sized businesses and helped them with marketing materials, website design and development, ecommerce and graphic design. A lot of these companies came to us after having spent years toiling with an existing brand (logo and all) and poorly designed and non-user friendly websites.

We pride ourselves on being as up front as possible with our potential clients, and most often our first discussions are very sobering in that we are forced to subtly shoot down most (or all) efforts related to their initial web initiatives.


Because this technology (or entity?) changes so quickly, you almost have to be working in it every single day to understand, appreciate, and apply best practices when it comes to generating great content, designing, coding, planning, and interacting within the phenomenon known as ”social media”.

Let us Guide your Approach

What Neteyecon can offer are very unique and full-scale approaches to the online branding of your company. There is no better time than BEFORE you launch your company (or website) to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb and make sure what you are putting out there is of the absolute best quality – not only visually pleasing, but as relevant to your viewers/buyers/users/clients as humanly possible.

We are able to consult on things such as logos, stationary packages, signatures (typefaces), marketing materials, business cards, website design, and product packaging. Things that you should have ready before you announce your existence to the World. Things that when ready, allow you to focus your efforts post-launch on selling and engaging those you hope are interested in buying what it is you have to offer.

Social media has become all the rage. There is no escaping the fact this is the evolution of branding, and if you miss the boat (ie. show no interest or are not present on these platforms), users and potential clients are going to immediately deem there is something wrong with you and pass you right by.

Don’t be left behind

There is also the consideration that partaking in these platforms generates a multitude of potential links that spread like wildfire across search engines (and will even more so in the very near future).

You want eyeballs? You need to take part in the Facebook’s and the Twitter’s and the Digg’s. Let companies like Neteyecon look after your look and feel while you (taking for granted you’re a small startup in this case) spread the good word about your company and engage your clients head on.

From content management systems, to landing pages, to paid search and more, we can consult you on how best to approach building your brand using the web AND leave you time to go out there and make an impact in your field or domain or niche, or whatever you want to call it.

There are plenty of ways to stand out, but the best way is to have your house in order before it ever gets ”built”. Sure, you and your company will evolve as time goes by, and hopefully you will take into consideration all of the feedback you’ve garnered from both clients and colleagues.

If you can’t sit down and decide what it is you stand for now, the task will be impossible 3,4 or 10 years down the road if you make it that far. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Test, try and test and try again. Good luck, and let us know if we can help. That’s what we’re here for….

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