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4 Things Your SMB Should Outsource

  The DIY spirit in the small business world is as alive as ever, and if your business takes full advantage of automating certain routine activities it’s probably accomplishing a lot more than it could a decade ago. Just because something more »

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Local Merchants Miss Opportunity to Impress

chucky tx to

It was a chilly Halloween. So much so that we decided to take our little Giraffe and Tiger to the Faubourg de L’Ile, in Pincourt, Quebec to go trick or treating at an organized 3-5pm event where mall-goers could bring their more »

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GoDaddy Blows My Mind

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The weirdest thing happened the other day as I was cruising around minding my own business. Patrick from rang me up. Like a lot of you I’m sure, we’re forever obsessed with trolling for the perfect domain name (for more »

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Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents

RealEsate - thanks to

The Real Estate Professional has a tough job. She battles day in and day out to gain her clients’ trust. She books appointments, she shows houses – tons and tons of houses, she makes offers, counter-offers, ridiculously low why are more »

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A/B Testing is a Must


Say you are running PPC campaigns and the numbers are not good (because you are keeping track right??). You then decide to create another landing page design and replace the old one without knowing exactly why it wasn’t performing as more »

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Building Your Brand from the Bottom Up

Bottoms Up

Thus far, Neteyecon (nee Heelatch in 2009) has worked primarily with small and medium sized businesses and helped them with marketing materials, website design and development, ecommerce and graphic design. A lot of these companies came to us after having more »

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My Business Doesn’t Need a Website


photo credit to We here this all the time (although less and less since this originally posted in 2009) from people who run their own business. “I have my clients”, “I’m not looking for any more clients”, “I’m in more »

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