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4 Things Your SMB Should Outsource

  The DIY spirit in the small business world is as alive as ever, and if your business takes full advantage of automating certain routine activities it’s probably accomplishing a lot more than it could a decade ago. Just because something more »

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Focus and The Art of Collaboration

collab and listen tx to

There is no such thing as a perfect client. And, as much as you might like to think so, a perfect designer/consultant/idea/friend/parent doesn’t exist either. If after reading that statement you’re saying “whaddya’ mean? I’m damn near as perfect as more »

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Be Part of A Team


I am by no means old or very wise. At least not in my own eyes. Maybe I am to the teen I try and scold who is ripping around my neighborhood and burning stop signs on his bloody scooter more »

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Two People Read Our Blog


We had a great time at The Art of Marketing Conference today here in Montreal at the Palais des Congres. Definitely some real inspiring and enlightening stuff being shared by the likes of Seth Godin, Avinash Kaushik, Max Lenderman and friends. It’s more »

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GoDaddy Blows My Mind

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The weirdest thing happened the other day as I was cruising around minding my own business. Patrick from rang me up. Like a lot of you I’m sure, we’re forever obsessed with trolling for the perfect domain name (for more »

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The Art of the Shit Sandwich

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Like many of you, I like giving praise where praise is due. In fact, I’m chock full of compliments and kind words for friends, family, colleagues and associates who do something right. I try not to live my life in more »

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He Who Beats Around the Bush


The importance of conveying clear and concise instruction when dealing with clients and partners. I don’t know about you, but time is my most precious commodity. There isn’t enough of it, and once its gone you can’t get it back. more »

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Family Means You

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Our good friend Gary Vaynerchuk ( talks about family a lot. How he wouldn’t do what it is he’s doing (consulting, speaking, CARING – check him out, this guy is off the hook) if his number one priority wasn’t his more »

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Late to Bed and Early to rise

Hamilton - James Hamilton

Never has work been so much fun! It’s 2:10am and I’m compelled to tell you all this…crazy. My partner and I have been putting the final touches on the new Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue Rugby Club site for the last few weeks (see more »

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Keeping it Real

Being sarcastic

This post was originally written back in 2009, and applies just as much today as it ever did. Carpe Diem! There is no time better than right now for individuals and small businesses to make names for themselves. Unlike some, more »

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