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4 Things Your SMB Should Outsource

  The DIY spirit in the small business world is as alive as ever, and if your business takes full advantage of automating certain routine activities it’s probably accomplishing a lot more than it could a decade ago. Just because something more »

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Focus and The Art of Collaboration

collab and listen tx to

There is no such thing as a perfect client. And, as much as you might like to think so, a perfect designer/consultant/idea/friend/parent doesn’t exist either. If after reading that statement you’re saying “whaddya’ mean? I’m damn near as perfect as more »

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A Shout Out to the Slow Cooker

Crockpot - Slow Cooker

Lessons in time management and good web design Do you use one of these bad boys? A slow cooker I mean. What a fantastic invention! In the past week I have had two of the most delicious, moist and mouth-watering more »

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