With a clear focus on allowing the client full administrative capabilities once our job is done, we can provide training as well as continued and ongoing support.

Sites are thoroughly tested to ensure the functionality is operating as intended and all code is compliant with today’s industry standards and beyond.

Sometimes, actually pretty much all the time, what’s behind the scenes is an afterthought when it comes to websites. How easy is it to add/edit/remove content and images? Will the website render properly on an iPhone, or a tablet not of the Apple variety? These are the questions we ask ourselves when working on client projects, and thanks to our years of experience we’re able to look several years into the future and address needs and concerns now that you’d be facing then so that you’re better prepared to face those challenges.

With the web, few things are more certain than the fact that norms, standards, and technologies will change quickly. It’s our job to keep up with those things, and we’re constantly educating ourselves so we stay on that curve allowing our clients and their projects the same advantages.