GoDaddy Blows My Mind

The weirdest thing happened the other day as I was cruising around minding my own business. Patrick from rang me up.

Like a lot of you I’m sure, we’re forever obsessed with trolling for the perfect domain name (for what business we’re not sure…). It was for two of these that we’d registered a year or so back (and never used!!) that Patrick was calling about. He wanted to know if I was interested in renewing them…I didn’t know they did this.

Now, I wouldn’t find this weird if it were my car insurance company calling to check in and advise me of a rate increase (or decrease…ha!!), nor would it be strange if my leasing company was calling to remind me my D level 1000$ scheduled maintenance was coming up. There’s money in that for them! What was weird was that were calling about two needle-in-the-haystack domain names (worth a whole 20$ to them annually), and they were calling from Phoenix to boot…we’re in Montreal. Patrick was super polite, didn’t scoff or give me attitude when I told him I wasn’t going to renew, and left me to go on my merry way…

What an impression that call made on me! I can’t tell you how many times over the past 2 weeks since the call I’ve meant to sit down and share it with you…or in the case of this not so frequented blog…put it down on paper at least so that it could seem more real.

A company as big as this, making money hand over fist, takes 2 minutes to call little old me. Impressive. My idea of customer service, much talked about in Joseph Jaffe’s book Flip the Funnel (reviewed by us here), when it comes to our little company was thrown for a loop.

As much as we think we do a great job, we have to do even better. If guys like are getting so personal to the point of having reps do outbound calls, our game needs to be upped. I’m sure part of you is saying, “yeah ,well, they do have 20$ to gain from the deal…”, and I say to that bull crap. I don’t believe it’s a cash grab. To me it’s an added value thing. In the days of no phone numbers and addresses or contact names (or real people??), it’s super comforting to know that not only do real people work at, but that I can get in touch with them! I almost want to call Patrick back just to chat…shoot the breeze, you know?

All of that said, the final compelling straw to break the camel’s back and sit me down to write this post was a look back on one of my all time favorite Gary Vaynerchuk videos. Gary talks about caring and giving a shit, and what better way to show you guys that than by sharing these wow moments in our lives. Granted everything we write and share isn’t business related, but why should it be? We need to share the fun stuff too no? We’re human.

My hope is that you take something from the idea that if is thinking about servicing the hell out of their clients, that you, with your 3 or 4 clients, need to the same thing x1000. In a lot of cases it’s free.

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