My Business Doesn’t Need a Website

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We here this all the time (although less and less since this originally posted in 2009) from people who run their own business. “I have my clients”, “I’m not looking for any more clients”, “I’m in the phone book”,? and so on. People still think that having a website is solely for trying to acquire more business or sell stuff. Owning a website should be one of the first things any new or existing business should have. Not convinced, well here are 20 reasons.


20 Reasons Why You Need a Website

  1. Establish A Presence
  2. Networking
  3. Making your businesses information available to the public
  4. To better serve your customers
  5. To heighten the public’s interest
  6. A place your clients can go for updates about your business. (closures, cancellations, holiday hours, etc…)
  7. Sell stuff
  8. To make videos, photos and press releases available
  9. To better help you reach your demographic market
  10. To be able to answer your customers and potential customers questions
  11. To stay in contact with sales people, distributors, manufacturers, etc…
  12. Possibility to open international markets
  13. To create service 24/7
  14. To Make Changing Information Available Quickly
  15. To be able to get feedback from your clients and visitors
  16. Ability to test the market with new services and products
  17. Reach the media
  18. To Reach The Education and Youth Market
  19. Reach the specialized market
  20. And of course to serve your local market

So before you put aside the idea of having a website for your business (no matter what size) you should think about all the benefits besides just selling stuff or trying to to get more business.

Having an online presence is as important as any other aspect of your business. Not having a website is like not having business cards or not caring about what your clients think about your business.

For more information on what kind of options you have and what is possible to help move your business forward visit our design and development pages. Better yet, contact us by email or phone 1.514.473.4628.

If you are one of those people still living in the past, it’s time to get real. We’d hazard a guess that if you’re still holding out on considering a website that you haven’t the furthest clue as to the other amazing opportunities a web presence can afford you – small business, mom and pop store, or one man show. It’s time…



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