SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of many things. In a nutshell, it encompasses best practices related to design, code, and website content that will put your web property in better standing with the search engines (Google especially), ie. Search Engine Rankings.

A key takeaway here is understanding which keywords deliver the most relevant traffic, the type of traffic likely to convert into a sale, a lead, or whatever that website owner considers a conversion or better yet, the envisioned end goal of that user by the website owner. Oftentimes this will NOT be the generic all encompassing keywords with hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, but the overlooked and highly detailed search term that at first isn’t so obvious.
Google and the other search engines (yes there are other ones) are getting pretty damn smart. There remain very few long term strategies that work that don’t involve producing awesome content, being active within your community (Social), and having a responsive, well designed and user friendly website.

SEO is the sum of all the smaller parts that make up a good and relevant website worth visiting, and over a very short period of time in the not so distant future, Google will have figured out a way to deliver only the best results to its users. This is a good thing for companies providing quality services and products who are willing to invest the time it takes to make it all come together. We help ensure your website(s) fit the bill. Find out how we do it.