Web Design

From a single page blog-like design to full blown Ecommerce sites, there is nothing out there we wouldn’t be able to cater to. We’ll typically look to offer a custom design as opposed to working with a basic template, so instead of first selecting a template and trying to work within those parameters, we come up with a design that you fancy, and then select the template from either WordPress or Shopify that will be the least cumbersome to customize to our needs.

Our design process is based on exactly how much input our clients want to have. Rather than relying on descriptions or expectations for a website that include expressions like “make it pop”, or “it has to ‘speak’ to me”, we’ll ask clients to do some research and reference specific sites, highlighting specific criteria (ex. layout, color scheme, navigation, etc..) they want their site to emulate. For clients who have no clue what they want, we’re cool working with a blank slate as well.

Contrary to what some might think, a clear direction on the type of content (and ideally THE exact content!) you want to see on each page paves the way for a smoother design process. We can offer the plug-and-play or fill-in-the-gaps approach, but what happens as clients start filling in their content is they realize the current design doesn’t exactly suit their needs and more time AND money is needed to re-tweak what first appeared suitable.

Our group will look at things like optimal user interface design, prominent placement of key calls to action, and a simple friendly layout that’s easy to navigate and responsive to today’s mobile technologies.

If you want to be ahead of the game in terms of our being able to provide you with an accurate quote, our advice would be to have your content ready, do some research and provide concrete examples of things you like that you’ve seen elsewhere, as well as have a clear idea on the type (ex. Home, About Us, Products, Services, etc..) and number of pages or different page templates you’ll require.

Get in touch with us if you need some help putting this stuff together as we also provide pre-design consultation and content generation.